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Website Security

Why Your Website Needs Security Before it’s Too Late!

Why do you need security for your website? You have successfully built a beautiful and functioning website that finally puts your business on the map, bringing with it a great sense of empowerment. But have you stopped to think about the security of your site? The answer is most likely not. The thing is, website

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Website Maintenance

Do I Really Need a Maintenance Plan?

Website maintenance plans are critical to your website’s success. Every WordPress website needs routine maintenance and there are two ways to go about it; 1. Do it yourself or 2. Have a team of professionals do it for you. We strongly suggest the latter. But why? Why shouldn’t you just do it yourself? We’re going

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Website Maintenance

Keeping on Top of Your WordPress Maintenance

The maintenance of your website should be seen as no different from maintenance to your car. An easy way of thinking about it is that if you consistently maintain your vehicle, it will avoid any costly repairs and potentially a serious accident. In the same way, ongoing upkeep of your website is required to avoid

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Anyleads for Lead Generation Campaign

Here’s a guest post provided by Anyleads software, a lead generating tool that we’ve been using to target our market. I hope you enjoy… Intro At first Anyleads is a tool you can use to automate your lead generation tasks. It’s commonly referred to as B2B lead generation software. Bringing leads in is the primary

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