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Anyleads for Lead Generation Campaign

Here’s a guest post provided by Anyleads software, a lead generating tool that we’ve been using to target our market. I hope you enjoy…


At first Anyleads is a tool you can use to automate your lead generation tasks. It’s commonly referred to as B2B lead generation software.

Bringing leads in is the primary focus of this tool, so hence the name ‘Anyleads’. It provides the infrastructure for attracting leads for all scale business like small or large. The basic functionalities of this platform includes finding the validate emails and sending a drip campaigns to make a more sale.

The tools of Anyleads is very much helpful for increasing the productivity of business teams as it highly focuses to provide the great and targeted database of contacts and prospects which can ultimately increase sales at high rate.

The main tools that Anyleads provides are: Prospecting, B2B Exchange and Content Creator.

Let’s talk briefly about each:


  • The major menu available at Prospecting are: Inbox, Dashboards, Find Leads, Contacts, Emails, Rules for Zapier Integration.
  • Dashboards comprises of important metrics like total number of contacts, lists , required campaign and the performance.
  • Contacts, as name implies constitute of different data like domain of company, job position and numbers of connection at platform like LinkedIn.

The fun part is at the section of Find Leads where:

  • Maximum data and information can be delivered or extracted.
  • You just have to provide Company’s URL or Name and you will be acquired with information such as total number of employees, name of each employees, their position at company, business email, LinkedIn profile and connection and many more important data.
  • Email Checker of Anyleads provides a genuine facility by helping to identify the genuine lists of emails and by this you can have validate leads for your campaign.
  • This can help you at exporting the list of validate emails at formats like CSV, XLS or any desired format.
  • You may also make use of filters to identify and choose the desired list of emails from desired field.


Generation of desired list of emails is now used for lead generation strategy. So, it’s time to get started!

  • At the starting have a connection of your provider like SMTP or Outlook oe Gmail to the tool Anyleads and this step begins the campaign.
  • The overview of strategy is global one and lots of information can be generated. Some examples are: different sent, click, open reply rate and this is done automatically by making use of Intelligence of tools and provided information. So, the whole campaign process is SMART enough.

B2B Exchange

The other product of Anyleads is B2B exchange which is basically associated with the virality of certain media like LinkedIn. The algorithm which is used to make LinkedIn is so much interesting worthy as it make use of human to filter contents and other infrastructure.

Basic steps for LinkedIn virality are:

  • Add your LinkedIn status to Anyleads and it provides you with many likes and shares.
  • Adding friends and making group is also accessible here which can be done by very simple steps and you can invite to as many as 100 emails to invite and make your group.
  • Look at the picture below to see how I got lots of Likes and Shares at interval of few days.

Content Creator

This tool is mainly for creation of unique contents that are search engine friendly and not indexed by Google. It automates different task so that the long time taken for content creation can be made easy and effective.

Different activities that can be done using this tool are:

  • Makes easily available the subtitles of videos from any niche.
  • Possess powerful editor using which adding content, images and exporting to PDF becomes easy.
  • Multi-language contents can be generated.

This are only basic features and there are even more things that can be done by Content Creator.

For getting right prospects, Anyleads can be a killer platform for you. You can have a lead generation at your fingertips using this tool. There is a 7 day trial, free one, so that you can experience and check it’s goodness. Good Luck!

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