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How to setup landing pages for Local SEO

Our Local SEO services help you get found by patients or customers in your area. To make sure you don’t miss out on the great opportunity, we’ve created packages affordable for any budget. We’ll most probably even reveal some possibilities you didn’t know about! In this post I’ll tell you how to use these plugins to set up your landing pages.

Single or multiple locations?

If your business only has one location, you’re in luck. You just need one landing page. If you have multiple locations, then you should create separate landing pages for each location, as well as an overview page of all your locations. Further on we’ll explain how to do this.

What to show on your landing pages?

Make sure your customers find your shop! Optimize your site by first starting with making sure you show your opening hours, locations, and map(s).

Each landing page should at least show the name of your business, your address and a phone number. In the case of a single location, you can create a new page for that. In case of multiple locations, you should create a new Location landing page for each.On the page you can enter your business name as the page title. Adding some keywords and your city to the title may be a good idea for Local SEO ranking factors, but as always: don’t overdo it. But when you have multiple locations with the same business name, adding your city to the title as well will create diversion between the pages.

Adding a map

Additional to the required title and address you should consider adding a map to help your users find your business. It’s not a requirement, but it’s such an improvement for the user experience that you should definitely consider do this.

SEO settings for your landing pages

Basically this isn’t any different from your regular pages. Make sure to mention the most important keywords, including the location. For example your title tag could look like this:

Luca Brasi’s Fish restaurant in New York

For meta descriptions the same rules apply as for regular pages on your site. Although they don’t count as a ranking factor, you do want to make them as appealing as possible. The meta descriptions aren’t shown in the local packs, nevertheless they’re still visible in the organic search results. So you’d want to convince visitors to click on your link.

Does this sound too challenging? Let us do it for you.

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