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Your SEO Attitude Needs An Adjustment

Hopefully, in the last couple of years, you have taken mental notes on some of the changes that Google has made.

Google has a reputation for making monumental changes and many without warning. In 2011 they made close to 600 changes. Not all of them big but enough to make you realize that Google is a constant changing platform.

2012 heralded in noticeable changes as a result of Penguin and then Panda. There were so many updates, that for a while, marketers heads were spinning trying to figure out how they applied to them.

While I can’t pretend to know what Google has in store for 2013, I can tell you that undoubtedly there will be changes.

What we can be sure of is that Google will no longer tolerate low-value tactics. Gone are the days of link building tags, and directories. No longer will any single tactic fly.

If you have used these short-term tactics in the past, then your attitude towards SEO is going to have to be adjusted. Like it or not.

Your marketing will need to be rich with variety and start with tips in diversity like these:

1. Anchor Text – People spend far too much time stressing over their Anchor Text. It’s not rocket science, there’s no room for your text to be anything but natural. If you think I’m wrong, check the updates that Penguin has made. Anything unnatural appears spammy. There’s no tricking the system so don’t waste your time trying.

2. Your Links – You have to ask yourself if the way you acquired links until now has really worked for you. Just because you read somewhere that guest posts make great links is no reason to run out and submit a thousand ill conceived posts. Yes, links are very important but you’re shooting yourself in the foot if that is your sole tactic.

3. Traffic Sources – Most of us lean heavily on Google for our traffic source. Again, I implore you to find more creative ways to find your traffic. Never depend on any one source. What would you do if Google shifted its method again and this time it doesn’t include you? You’ve always got to strive for a variety of options.

4. Your Marketing – Your thinking needs to go broader in 2013. Your marketing tactics need to be an honest extension of your product. If you believe in, and stand by your product or service, marketing will come natural because you derive joy from it.

5. Point Of View – Have you ever taken a moment to really embrace your surroundings? When you step back and breathe, often times you will see things in a different light. A lot like looking at something through someone else’s eyes. Your perspective or point of view changes. Be open to those necessary changes.

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