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Pain-free Keyword Research

Unquestionably, keyword research is a pain point for site owners. However, keyword research is unquestionably the most important research you can do for your content marketing.

In spite of how difficult and time consuming it is, we are still obligated to do the research. I remember, once or twice, not checking my post for keywords. I figured since I am performing this act daily I probably have the keywords memorized anyway so why bother? As you can imagine I was sadly mistaken. Not only did I not sleep because of extreme guilt and worry, my posts tanked. Lesson learned.

Why? Why does it have to be so painful? Why are hours wasted on this? Well we know why we waste our time, because it’s not a waste. But why is it so hard? Is there an easier method?, because so far the process is convoluted and frustrating.

Well, after a whole lot of research, I think that these are some tips for an easier plan.

Know What You’re Looking For

The exact language that your readers speak in your chosen topic is key. You have to know what words or phrases that they will use to search for the information they are looking for.

1. Your Starting Point For Keywords – Your keywords are not only important for search engine optimization but also for your content. Try to focus on the words that people would use in describing their wants or challenges within your niche. How would they describe this to family and friends?

Make a list of 5 – 10 words that you think would most likely be used in their search.

2. What Is Your Score? – You need to determine what the score for your keywords are. You can do this by using Google Adwords Keyword Tool. Your looking to see if your words attract monthly searches. You want that number to be at or around 100,000 for global topics.

Next you want to check how many websites are competing for or targeting your words. If too many, you will have a difficult time ranking for your chosen words. You want to use keywords that have lots of searches, meaning popularity, and has few people trying to rank for it which is low competition.

3. Discover Other Related Keywords – When using Google to searcgvfg rg gh for your keywords, along with that word results, you will notice a lot more words populate the space. These are other choices that are in the same realm.

Keep your focus on finding high popularity, low competition keyword phrases. You should run these additional word options through your same testing regiment.

Your quest for the best is pretty simple and straight forward. Don’t spend your day searching for the perfect keyword. As mentioned, pick 5 – 10 words that could work. Check them and get out before you’re sucked into the vortex. Keep it simple.

Planning in advance and understanding what you’re looking for will help you to minimize your time spent searching.

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