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1 Thing that 80% of Businesses are Missing

The statistics are scary. Over 80% of small businesses fail within the first few years. The status quo in business culture is failing right now. Entrepreneurs, families, partners, and other driven start-ups are pouring their hearts out only to hit a wall of defeat and disappointment. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this trend and clear the noise.

If you build a house, there is only 1 thing that can create long-term value. It is not having those stylish fixtures or the latest pool system or that questionable color your partner wants to paint the living room. These fads will pass just like Myspace, Bowflex, or Owen Wilson’s acting career. Never to be heard or seen again.

A home NEEDS 1 thing: The right foundation. Not only does your home need a solid, impenetrable foundation to stand the test of time but so does your business.

Building an everlasting foundation for success in your business comes from answering questions like:

1. What market are we targeting?

2. What segment of that marketing are we focusing on?

3. What is our value proposition we offer?

4. Are we priced in accordance with our offering and the marketing?

These might seem like overly simple questions but the truth is, many businesses struggle to answer them. Spend time writing these down, reviewing, and digging deep into what they mean to you. You might want to show off your beautiful new home to the neighborhood but have patience to first build the unseen “groundwork” that will leave your competition crawling to your door.

As a marketing professional, I work with individuals and businesses to answer these questions and bring clarity to your passions. Your unique personality and story will never reach an audience if you are not around long enough to share it. Reach out to me and let me share with you simple, actionable ideas that will allow you to sleep better at night knowing your business is heading towards long-term success and growth.

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