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4 Ways to Generate High Email Click Through Rates

Human beings respond to situations based on their emotions. The emails you send trigger some form of emotional response. If you understand what kind of emotions you evoke by sending your emails, you will be able to generate high click through rates. We are going to look at 4 ways to increase email click through rates by influencing the reader’s emotions. You can apply these methods anywhere you want and people will respond positively.

Promise a certain benefit

People want to know that when they click on your email, they will receive a certain benefit. This can be shown instantly when the customer opens the email. You don’t have to reveal every detail about the gain; you can have a link to your site that has a list of details on how to receive that benefit. Make sure the gain is clear so that customers don’t have to second-guess. You must also use a very logical way of explaining it to the reader. Provide as much information as you can on how to achieve that benefit and you’ll see the high click through rates coming in.

Offer something practical

It’s true that people’s emotions really influence their buying decision. But what you have to consider as well is whether the offer you are making is practical and just doesn’t appeal to their emotional side. What you can do is to include facts about the product or service. Show the client expert opinion and statistics that support your brand. Mentioning a highly respected expert in the email copy can result in massive click through rates. This is because people trust a product or service; which someone they know has already used.

Incorporate an element of fear

One of the best ways to motivate a customer is by incorporating an element of fear in the email copy. However it must be done right. There are many ways to instill fear in an email and get a positive response from your reader. For instance, if you target customers who are in danger of natural disasters then the best way to sell your product or service is by letting them know how things might turn out if they don’t take the right precautions. This may also work for businesses in the insurance sector that want to give customers peace of mind by preparing them to deal with something tragic.

Show urgency

It’s important for the reader to see that what you have to offer is limited in some way. Creating this sense of urgency in your email copy will increase click through rates because people like to take action when they know time is limited. Knowing that there’s a time restriction also shows the reader that they’ll miss out on a specific gain if they don’t take action fast.

You can use each of the 4 elements above at a time or combine them in a way that works for your reader. The trick is to find out what triggers your reader’s emotions most and use it more often.

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