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10 Elements in Google Adwords That Get the Most Clicks

Let’s be real, getting massive clicks from Google Adwords is not one of the easiest things to do. You’ve only got 25 characters for the headline to catch the attention of a web visitor and 70 characters of the ad copy. But there’s a lot that can still be achieved with this limited space.

The trick is to make your Google Adwords campaign clear and goal oriented. You’ll also need to learn a lot about writing effective ads.

Here is a  list of 10 elements you can include in your Google Adwords:

Incorporate urgency in your ad

People will response quickly to something if they think it’s likely to go away. Making your offer appear short term will create a sense of urgency. You may use something like a last-minute discount to pull in clients.

Use impressive numbers

If you’ve got many users who have bought a similar product or service, use that number in your ad copy to create social proof. Ads get most clicks when people feel like others have already used what they are about to buy.

Use questions

You can start your ad by asking a question right at the headline. Questions help customers to relate and actually find value in your product or service.

Remove uncertainty

Effective copyrighting will offer a customer something that helps them to remove a certain risk they have been dealing with. For instance, giving a client a free trial will certainly remove the uncertainty of the product not working.

Start with a real life experience

When you start the ad copy by sharing a customer’s story, it gives someone the natural urge of wanting to hear how the story ended. Make sure the story is tied to the product or service and include some numbers if you can.

Offer free shipping

This may work for some products so you may want to test it when creating your ad copy to see just how well it works for you. In certain industries, free shipping can be a nice way to land massive clicks.

Include location, phone number and address

It’s important to add your business location on the ad copy. You can do this by adding the location extensions from Adwords support page. You may also want to include your phone number and address on the ad copy.

Use a clear call-to-action

You can use a call-to-action not just on the headline but also on the body of your ad copy. Make it clear so that customers don’t have to guess what the ad is about.

Include a unique benefit

Consider that your ad will be right above or below that of your competition. So make sure you include a unique benefit that none of your competitors offer.

Make use of specific numbers

Customers want to see the numbers but don’t make them so obvious. A percentage like 83% may look more precise than just 80% so think of this when you want to catch the attention of your customers.

You may not be able to include all these elements in every single ad but you need to try as much as possible to add as many as you can. Also find out what is working for and against you by mix matching different elements at a time.

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