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Transform Your PDR Business

Into a powerful, reputable brand that attracts new business with ease.

Achieve brand success and dominate your local market with our proven brand-building and marketing system, designed to help you get found online, earn 5-star reviews, and generate word-of-mouth referrals. Let us help you establish a powerful online presence and become the go-to authority in your local area.

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Are you a PDR professional struggling to

Attract quality leads and generate sales?

Are You Struggling To Attract

A Steady Flow Of New Business?

It’s frustrating to compete for leads and pay top dollar just to stay afloat. As a busy business owner, researching new marketing strategies is probably the last thing you want to do. But what if there was a better way to get the results you need? Let us help you take your business to the next level with proven lead generation strategies that work.

What If There Was A MARKETING STRATEGY That Predictably And Consistently Books Your Calendar with new jobs Without Having To Pay Top Dollar Per Lead?

Well there is…

The Complete

Brand Building & Marketing Blueprint

For PDR Professionals

Transform your PDR business into a reputable brand that effortlessly attracts new customers by following a simple step-by-step brand-building and marketing system.

The Complete blueprint Every PDR Pro Needs to have...and implement

Transforming your PDR business into a reputable brand that attracts new customers shouldn’t be complicated. With our easy-to-follow step-by-step brand-building and marketing system, you can effortlessly establish your business as a reputable brand that customers trust. 

This complete blueprint is essential for every Paintless Dent Repair professional looking to grow their business. 

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your PDR business to the next level!

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Build Your Brand

Elevate your brand to new heights by laying a solid foundation for success. Establish clear brand guidelines that create a professional and consistent look and feel throughout every customer interaction. Build customer loyalty by ensuring that every touchpoint with your company is polished and on-brand.


Clarify Your Message

Craft a captivating message that not only resonates with vehicle owners in your area but also sets your business apart from other local PDR companies. Develop a strong brand message that communicates your unique qualities in a clear and concise manner. Tailor your website and marketing materials to effectively promote your brand, engaging your potential customers and ultimately getting more repair jobs. Let us help you create a powerful brand identity that speaks volumes about your business.


Develop A Lead Generating Website

Transform your online presence with a professionally designed website that showcases your work and expertise. Drive new customer traffic with a conversion-optimized website that effectively communicates your skills and abilities, generates more quote requests, and fills your schedule with more repairs. Let your website work for you and help you grow your business.


Get Found Online

Maximize your online presence and reach your potential customers by ranking on search engines and Google Maps across your entire service area. Don’t miss out on valuable marketing opportunities- let your website be your strongest asset.


Stay active On Social Media

Transform your social media presence from ordinary to extraordinary by crafting a unique “social voice” that showcases your expertise and experience. Create a strong brand identity and raise brand awareness by consistently communicating your marketing message on social media. Engage with your audience and transform your existing followers into enthusiastic brand advocates who will spread the word about your services.


Generate 5 Star Reviews

Build a strong online reputation for your business by utilizing a continuous cycle of customer feedback and reviews. This strategy not only helps you outrank your competitors but also converts more leads into loyal customers. By getting your business on the top of review sites, you can easily differentiate your business from your local competitors online. So, start investing in building your online reputation today and witness the growth of your business like never before!


Develop Educational Content

Establish your brand as the go-to source in your area by sharing educational articles and videos on your blog and social media channels. Share your before and afters with your audience, and watch as your brand becomes a recognized authority in your local market. Leverage your knowledge and showcase your “secret sauce” to create new business opportunities and referrals.


Implement A Referral Marketing System

Referral marketing is a powerful tool that can help you generate consistent word-of-mouth referrals. With the right strategy, you can transform your existing customers into brand ambassadors who actively promote your services. Utilize your industry knowledge, experience, and brand message to create a referral marketing plan that not only encourages your customers to refer others but also helps you acquire new customers consistently.


Create Targeted Email + Automations

Crafting effective email campaigns and newsletters that resonate with your local market is essential for successful marketing. Our team specializes in creating personalized email campaigns that deliver results. We also implement trigger-based email campaigns that respond to your contacts’ behavior, such as browsing your website, engaging with your content, or encouraging them to refer you. By leveraging these strategies, we ensure that your email campaigns are not only engaging but also highly effective in helping you get more repair requests. Trust us to help you communicate effectively with your customers and drive results through email marketing.

Email Marketing

Cold Outreach Campaigns

Enhance your sales strategy by taking it up a notch and implementing a cold email outreach campaign to reach more of your local market. This approach will help you generate more opportunities and expand your customer base.


Inbound Marketing

Content marketing and inbound marketing serve different purposes in building a brand. While content marketing is effective in creating brand awareness by informing and educating your target customers, inbound marketing goes further by creating connections, building trust, and motivating customers to take action. 

To leverage inbound marketing, focus on creating valuable, educational content. This can include checklists, resource lists, inspiration lists, market reports, eBooks, webinars, and other free to low-cost tools and training. By providing such content, you establish yourself as an authority in your area and build trust with your local market, ultimately motivating them to select you to repair their vehicle(s).


Advertise To Your Ideal Customer

This final step is crucial to avoid falling into the trap of marketing to everyone. By targeting your ideal customer through social media, search engines, industry-specific blogs or websites, and podcasts, you can build a reputable brand that attracts new business with minimal advertising. Remember, the key is to resist the temptation to advertise to everyone and focus on reaching your target audience. With the right execution, this strategy can work wonders for your business.
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The Complete Brand Building + Marketing Blueprint

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Avoid Another Stressful Year

Losing To Your Competitors

The Complete Marketing Blueprint for PDR Professionals will show you how to:

Need Marketing Support?

Tap Into The Right Creative Team

Elevate your marketing game with the missing piece to your team – the creative talent you need. From eye-catching graphic design to compelling content writing to impactful social media management – trust a team that is dedicated to meeting every aspect of your brand’s needs. Choose us and witness your brand stand out amongst the competition.

Graphic Designer

Accelerate your creative process and bring your vision to reality faster with a skilled designer. Say goodbye to creative bottlenecks and hello to a faster time-to-market for your projects.

Web Developer

Ready to take your website to the next level? Let a skilled developer be your guide in helping you create the features you need to make it a full-throttle lead generating machine.

Content Writer

From engaging blog posts to persuasive product descriptions, a professional content writer can deliver high-quality content that resonates with your audience. 

Social Manager

Maximize your online reach and boost engagement with a social media manager. Stay ahead of the game and make the most of your social media presence.

Digital Marketing Services

Put Your Digital Marketing On Cruise Control

Maximize your productivity and close more deals with the help of a digital marketing pit crew. With our services, you can shift your focus to operations and let us take care of your online marketing needs. Boost your online presence, receive glowing 5-star reviews, gain word-of-mouth referrals, and become the dominant force in your local market. Trust us to help your business succeed.

Maintenance & security

Perfect for small business owners who want to ensure their website is always up-to-date, fully maintained, and safe from any potential viruses or security threats. Say goodbye to the stress and worry of website maintenance.



$197 1x Setup

Get Found Online Locally

Perfect for small business owners with very little exposure online who want to build a better online presence, create brand awareness, and generate new leads organically over time.



$197 1x Setup

Grow Your Reputation

Perfect for small business owners who are great at educating their clients about their products or services and have a system in place to follow up with new potential customers and referrals.



$197 1x Setup

Dominate The Local Market

Perfect for small business owners who have established themselves online, but want to take it to the next level and completely dominate the local market or expand into a new market.

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*Unlimited Website Edits includes anything that can be completed within 30 mins or less and within the WordPress Dashboard.
It excludes creating new pages or troubleshooting issues.


At Blitz, we believe that a long-term business relationship should be earned through delivering results, not through a long-term contract. That's why we offer all our subscription services on a month-to-month basis.
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Why Blitz Industries?

At Blitz, we don't believe in relying solely on paying big tech companies to advertise your brand. We understand that this one-dimensional approach overlooks the importance of your unique brand, experience, and network. Instead, we take a more holistic approach to marketing that considers all tactics, your position in the marketplace, and ultimately, your bottom line. Our "secret" to success is building you a reputable brand and strategically placing it in front of the right customers with the right message, at the right time.

"As a small business owner myself, I know how challenging it can be to execute a successful marketing strategy with limited time and resources. That's why our mission is to be your all-in-one on-demand online creative agency, making it easy to get the marketing and advertising support you need."
Michael Short, Founder

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