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Social Media Management

Captivate and engage through social media

With social media, you can create and share content that attracts the attention of your target audience. Starting with a content schedule in place will help you to avoid the overwhelm that business owners often struggle with.

Lead generation, relationship & advocate building.

Social media marketing will help you in customer service, sales, recruiting new employees, public relations and enhancing internal communications.

Educate and deliver value

Think about the wants and needs of your customers. What is it that you’re solving for them with your products or services?

Your business is solving the problems that your customers face, so content on these topics is going to be very relatable to your audience.

You have an opportunity to create content that educates and delivers value to your audience. This could be in the form of tips, advice, tutorials or recommendations.

It’s not just about your own content, it’s also great to share valuable content that other people have created. You may even realise here, that when you create great content, people will be sharing yours too!

Leading with value, positions you as an expert. You’re not afraid to educate your audience before asking for the sale.

Nurture strong relationships

Social media platforms give you an opportunity to create and grow relationships with your audience.

Whether you’re posting text based messages, images, videos or even audio clips – these all allow you to reach out and interact with people on social media.

Your content delivers value to your audience, building new relationships and nurturing existing ones.

When your audience can get a look at what’s going on with your business, they get to see behind the scenes and know who you really are.

For example, if you run an E-Commerce business, it can be fun to sometimes share some photos or videos of your team packing orders or doing day to day tasks.

What could you share about your business? What sort of things happen ‘behind the scenes’ that would be fun to share?

Your content helps your audience get to know you and your team, creating a deeper relationship and over time it will help you to turn your customers into brand champions.


Generate Content

Once we’ve professionally designed your profiles, the content producing begins. The content will be a combination of custom developed stories, images and links along with aggregated content from targeted sources. The focus here is to ensure it is content that will be interesting and loved by your audience.

This ongoing process involves paying close attention to what your network is responding to. Our team of researchers, writers and designers will produce quality, shareable, relevant content specifically for your target audience.


Engage your audience

Your audience wants to engage and receive a sense of value from their interactions with your brand, whether that’s emotional or tangible.  This is an opportunity for you to move your relationships forward and begin the process of converting passive listeners into paying customers.

There are many ways we engage with your audience. We do this by commenting on their comments, sending direct mentions and messages, reputation management, blog commenting, and more. This process of engagement helps develop relationships and eventually advocates of your brand.


Monitor your progress

Monitoring online conversations is a great way to gather customer insight. What are they interested in? What are they commenting on? How are they interacting with your brand? What type of content are they most interested in? What do they love? What do they hate? With this information, you have an opportunity to strengthen your relationships and manage your reputation.

It’s our job to get these answers for you and help you make your brand a social success.

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