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Search Engine Optimization

Increase your site's traffic and generate revenue

Search Engine Optimization is as much of an art as it is a science. We start every SEO strategy with full keyword and competitor research. Then we provide site optimization, link building, directory submissions and more – we focus on all aspects of your SEO needs.

Cost efficient and effective SEO

Search Engine Optimization
One of the challenges in online marketing today is attracting relevant traffic that will generate revenue. There are many ways to do so, but few are as cost effective as a properly executed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Unless you have a huge advertising budget, which most small to medium sized businesses don’t, SEO should be your primary focus for advertising.

How search works

Here is a simple explanation from Matt Cutts, a Google engineer showing you how their search engine works.

How often do you need to focus on your SEO?

Google is committed to changing its algorithms to maintain high standards for search results (ex: Penguin, Panda, Venice and Hummingbird), and this means you should be committed to a long term SEO strategy to face these changes. When a change is made, it will immediately affect your rankings and traffic! Even Fortune 500 companies are not immune to these changes. This is why it’s important to have an ongoing SEO strategy in place.

Increase traffic. Increase revenue.

As you have probably experienced, there are many companies on the web offering SEO services and claiming to be experts. These so called experts may give you immediate results with questionable tactics and inferior content, but these results don’t last.

Our approach is different. We develop strategies that focuses on driving revenue, not just traffic. We begin by researching your business to learn and understand what type of traffic will generate the most revenue for your company. We then create relevant, purposeful content and post it to appropriate blogs, media outlets, social networks and other link building websites that will drive the traffic that you need. And we do this by only using white hat strategies, reliable tactics that deliver consistent measurable results.

Project Discovery

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Every marketing project includes a problem (or problems) that need to be solved. Identifying these issues in the beginning will help ensure that we stay on task and meet your expectations. We encourage all our clients to complete our Project Discovery form prior to the start of each major project.

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