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How to Get High ROI from Email Marketing

What could be more satisfying than sending a bunch of emails to target customers and watching the conversion rates increase? Well, you’ve got to understand that nothing comes easy so be prepared to strategize and develop an email marketing plan that will instantly boost sales.

The first thing you need to know even before you get to working on an email marketing plan is that, you don’t need to invest in a very long email list or any of the highly promoted software. None of these items alone can help you get a high ROI from email marketing. What you need to do to see unbelievable results from email marketing is to follow the 5 steps below.

  • Introduction- Get the customer to know who you are
  • Make an offer- Get the customer to buy
  • Make the customers buy more
  • Study your customer’s buying habits
  • Set up a re-engagement to bring back previous clients

It’s simple how these 5 steps work. You can’t get customers to buy your products if you don’t introduce them to your company first. And you can’t sell more products or services to a customer who is not engaged.

All the 5 steps are important and the success of one will depend on how well you worked on the previous stage. We are going to look at each of these stages in detail so that you can get the real idea of what needs to be done at each step.

Step 1: Introducing your brand

Introductory emails are the most important. This is the very first chance you have to make a good impression or lose the customer altogether. Your introductory emails should tell the customer 5 main things.

  • Who you are
  • Your values
  • What makes your brand unique
  • What they need to look forward to
  • Your consistency

When sending this introductory email, you need to target new prospects only. Let them receive this email once, immediately they opt in. Remember that the purpose of this email is to teach customers about your business. It doesn’t matter if your brand is highly recognized by people. Even giants like Apple have an introductory mail where they explain themselves to prospects and new subscribers.

You can set up a series of introductory emails and then send them in different stages. You can make them appear a little different by telling customers to reply the next email. But make sure you’ve introduced your brand to new customers and prospects before you start engaging them, which is the next step to effective email marketing.

Step 2: Making an offer

The next bunch of emails you send to your prospective clients is meant to convert them into customers. The content of these emails is basically attractive offers. Offers can be customized to suit specific groups of customers. You can look at things like the landing pages to determine which offer to send to what customer.

Offers are meant to engage the customer in one way or another. Customers should show some interest in whatever you are trying to sell them. They’ll show interest depending on the way you present that offer. For instance, if you tell a customer that they can contact you on chat to ask more questions, this may increase the chances of that customer converting.

If possible, stick to providing a customer only one offer instead of overwhelming them with multiple offers that they don’t know which one to choose. Make sure the email is precise, informational and brief. Once you’ve engaged your new clients, the next step is to encourage them to buy more.

Step 3: Making customers buy more

If you succeed in this step, expect to make a lot of money from email marketing. This is the point where you can get the highest ROI. It’s a fact that some customers will simply buy once and then leave. But it’s up to you to make these clients keep on coming back. Every customer who has previously purchased a product or service from you should be receiving this set of emails.

You need to offer to sell them more. You can do this in so many ways. To start, you may consider presenting to the customers a totally new offer that they are most likely to be interested in. You can even use reviews and testimonials of other clients to show your customers just how your products and services belong to a trusted brand. Just ensure you use a call to action that will hook the customer. This can be the most challenging emails to send but if you get it right and understand what your customer is looking for, there’s nothing difficult here.

Step 4: Understand what your customers want

The only way you’ll get high ROI from email marketing is if you really know what your customers want. Don’t just send emails to people making offers when you have no idea if they will be interested. The best you can do is to send emails that will help you to know what those customers want. The response you get from these emails will allow you to segment your email list based on the needs of your customers.

Step 5: Re engage

The last set of emails you should be sending are geared towards winning back your customers. There comes a time when customers and even prospects stop clicking on the emails you send them. What do you do in such a scenario?

Sending emails that will re-engage dormant subscribers will bring lots of benefits to your brand. By doing this, you will avoid having your emails sent to the spam folder. The only way to re-engage subscribers is by offering them value in your emails. You can even offer them loyalty rewards. The re engagement campaign can bring up to 15% of your email list back to buying your products or service only when you do it right.

Pull all the above steps together and you’ll manage to create an email marketing campaign that generates a high ROI.

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