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The 6 Things You Can Work on to Improve Your Chances of Prosperity in Both Business and in Life

I decided to make a quick checklist of ideas that ANYONE could work on, at ANY time to make a positive difference on their personal life and their successes.

And anyone means YOU!

All these are facts that I learned over years of experience. Several of them are ideas which I draw from every day. I KNOW they do work, considering that I employ them PERSONALLY!

So keep reading and enhance your OWN odds of accomplishment both personally, and professionally.

1. Start Right Now

Stop making apologies. What are you hesitating for?

2. Follow Your Passion

For you to accomplish success in life you need to follow your passion.

Think about what you are working on now, personally, in your life … Is it YOUR passion?

Probably not. So take steps to get back on a path that motivates you!

3. Add Value

Providing value implies you will make more money if it’s your company. If it’s your personal life, adding value means deeper connections and strong personal success.

EXTRA funds. GREATER connections … sounds awesome to me.

4. Know Your Figures

From your expenses to your profits, you will need to know your assets and liabilities in life and business. These numbers will give you a CLEAR visual and objectives.

Don’t run away from your figures. Learn all of them. Embrace them. Create your entire life and company around all of them.

5. Learn How to Sell

Don’t TREMBLE when you hear the word. Embrace it as an aspect of daily life.

Something that I know that directly encouraged ME in my development is learning sales. Now I don’t suggest– go out, get a car sales job and learn sales.

However I do suggest, learn the fine art of persuading someone of something.
Selling your kids about the concept of eating veggies or finishing their homework.
Persuading a husband or wife to visit a business or vacation.
Asking a girl/guy on a date … (then sell yourself on the date!).
Each of those, while generally unrelated ARE related with SALES.

Study it. Love it. USE it.

6. Be Resilient

Hardly do things work out PERFECTLY the first time or every time. There are lots of stumbling blocks when it comes to acquiring a fulfilling life and business.

The bottom line is to continue to pursue and push– and constantly keep trying.

This doesn’t mean to do the same thing over and over again … and expect different results. As Albert Einstein said– that’s the definition of INSANITY.

If you follow along and try these 6 things you should increase your chances of success in your life and in your business.

Do you agree/disagree? Have any tips to add to this list?

Please comment and hit LIKE if you enjoyed my post, and SHARE if you know somebody who would enjoy it as well!

These are truths that I learned as a result of years of experience. I KNOW they work, due to the fact that I utilize them MYSELF!

Learn them. Create your life and business around them.

Learn it.

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