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7 Key Tips For Marketing Your Local Business

How to bring your local business to the next level with digital marketing Relevancy is a huge part of marketing today. For most brick and mortar businesses, localization is a key element of relevancy. After all, your business depends on people in your area being aware of you and able to find you. I have

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3 Ways Local Businesses Can Keep Their Audience Interested

Local businesses are in a unique position. A local gym may have an easy time engaging their audience by providing recipes, training videos and guidance to help their members reach their goals. But a local plumber may not have such an easy time relating to their customers and local community online. The problem is that

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3 Disastrous Instagram Advertising Mistakes To Avoid

Note: The brands featured herein are meant to serve as examples, and are not Blitz Industries customers. Names have been blurred to protect the guilty.  Instagram recently announced a new milestone: 200,000 advertisers have flocked to the platform since it rolled out the red carpet last September. Online marketers are clearly seeing value from the photo-sharing

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4 Effective Email Marketing Conversion Tips for Small Businesses

Use email marketing to grow your business. Email marketing allows you to reach a highly targeted audience at a low cost. In fact, experts at Campaign Monitor, an email marketing company, estimate that an effective email marketing message has the potential to result in $38 in revenue, for just $1 of marketing investment. Here are some

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5 Tips for Roadmapping Your Business

Your business plan, or roadmap, is one of the most important documents that you will write. The plan should be a comprehensive guide, where answers to the questions and problems you will face in each stage of your business growth are laid out in detail. It should also provide both a literal and proverbial roadmap

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How To Boost Your SEO

Do you know you have tons of opportunities you’re probably not taking advantage of? That’s right, a common misconception is that your main website is your ONLY chance at ranking. It’s just not true! Today I’m going to show you how you can boost your SEO, and get more traffic! Let’s get into it! Boosting

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Google Penguin 4.0, Possum & Craziness Update Sept 2016

If you’re looking at your rankings this month, you might be scratching your head and saying “WTF Google?” Since the beginning of September, the SEO community has been watching some of the weirdest search results changes we’ve seen for a while. Sites tanking and resurrecting, local results shakeups, 404s in search console, and more. Here

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7 Tips for Crafting a Better e-Commerce Site Experience

Selling products via e-commerce sites is competitive business. Rival sites are just a click away, and giant behemoths like Alibaba and Amazon create all kinds of competitive pricing dilemmas. In order to build a loyal customer base and keep them coming back to your e-commerce site for more products, you need to pay special attention

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The Ultimate List of Email Subject Lines

We send out e-mail to countless individuals … each week. We have actually discovered a thing or more about composing e-mail topic lines that get opened. Our finest 101 e-mail topic lines are all yours in simply a sec… … however, first let’s take a look at the aspects that make these e-mail topics effective.

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There’s No Reason to NOT Advertise on Facebook

You don’t have a reason to NOT promote on Facebook. Facebook’s marketing targeting alternatives have actually ended up being so unbelievably durable in the previous couple of months. Unless you’re trying to target life on Mars, Facebook’s got you covered. Are you an insurance coverage broker? Advertising professional? Physical fitness professional? Yes. You’re covered. Don’t

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