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The 80/20 Rule of Success

THUD! SMACK! WACK! Do you know what that sound is? It is the sound of a golden, life altering opportunity hitting you right in the face. Everyone can think of the few defining moments that changed their life. Maybe it was starting that career that lasted for 20+ years or meeting your life-long partner for the

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1 Thing that 80% of Businesses are Missing

The statistics are scary. Over 80% of small businesses fail within the first few years. The status quo in business culture is failing right now. Entrepreneurs, families, partners, and other driven start-ups are pouring their hearts out only to hit a wall of defeat and disappointment. Luckily, there is a way to avoid this trend

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11 Reasons Why You Should Follow Your Dreams

Everyone always says, “Follow your dreams!” But not everyone does it. Life interjects, bills pile up, and sometimes we have to do jobs we don’t want to do just to make it through the day. However, there are a number of reasons to follow your dreams, to break the trend, and to live the life

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Get Traffic Without Paying For it

DID you know you can increase website traffic without marketing? I know, I know…It sounds too good to be true. But, it is. Marketing is one of the most important aspects when it comes to business, and should be a primary focus from the very start. However, if you only focus on the usual traffic

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Automation 101: Advanced Marketing Technology

You may have heard other marketers talk about automation. They say it helps them effectively market through different channels, and can help optimize their sales funnels. But, what is marketing automation? And is it something YOU need? With all of these opinions swirling around it can be hard to get straight answers. And even harder to

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Will Your Audience Like Your New Idea?

This is a question that I get often from new clients, in some shape or form. Launching can be scary. And out of all the scariest things you can think about while launching, this is by-far the most common fear… “What if nobody buys my thing?” Regardless of how confident you feel about your offer,

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What Is a Sales Funnel? One Definition To Rule Them All!

So what is a sales funnel? Working in sales funnel optimization for the past few years, it’s a question I get a lot. And yet, it still doesn’t surprise me when people ask it. There are so many definitions thrown around that it’s easy to be confused. If you’re just dipping your toes into online marketing

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Importance of SEO Marketing for Startups [Infographic]

Effective Search Engine Optimization, when utilized well, could mean high revenue for your business. For you to rank well in a search engine, you need quality content. In building an online reputation, then SEO should be every startup’s best friend- considering that most users never scroll past the first page. Below are SEO strategies that

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Marketing Tips for Photographers in Small Markets

Marketing your business and your creative work can be tough. Doing it in a small market can be even tougher. It can often seem overwhelming, but with some careful analysis and planning, you can maximize your opportunities. Having worked in sales and marketing for the better part of 18 years, I’ve picked up a few

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