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Local Listings: Which Ones Should I Focus On?

It’s common knowledge that your business website is the best place to get customers to go when they’re online. And if you’re a local business with a physical address, a lot of your website traffic may come from maps listings. Optimizing for local search results is called local SEO. If you’ve been in business for

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Choosing a Digital Agency: What You Need to Know

The pressure for brands to select the “right” digital agency to deliver projects and campaigns has never been greater. So what steps can you take to avoid a digital partnership disaster? Imagine you’re hiring a member of staff The process of selecting a digital agency should be the same as for hiring a permanent member

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The 7 Keys to Ranking Your Local Business in Google

For local businesses, showing up on page one is a must – showing up in the Google 3-pack (or whatever it is called this week.) can be the difference between thriving and merely surviving. All Google products evolve as they find ways to make search better and, let’s face it, make more money from that

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Is SEO Dead?

SEO is More Important than Ever Look around today, and you’ll find any number of pundits declaring that SEO is dead. No, SEO is most certainly not dead, it’s just moved to a new location and didn’t leave a forwarding address. (In fact, in that new home, it’s more important than ever.) SEO has come

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Original Content is Extremely Important for SEO

Nobody wants to read old news. The content of your articles and blog post should be new, fresh and original. It should add something to all the junk that’s already out there on the internet. In this post, I’ll explain the importance of original content for SEO to you. Google’s mission In order to understand

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Mobile SEO: 6 Steps for Success in 2017

2 weeks ago, Google started the mobile-first indexing of the Web. This means it will now look at mobile versions of websites to rank them in both mobile and desktop search results. This – and the fact that over half of Google searches now come from smartphones – leaves you no excuse to ignore mobile

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5 SEO Copywriting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Copywriting is a very important element of every SEO strategy. High-quality content is THE thing that’ll help you rank and that’ll set your site apart from all the other sites out there. You probably want to do SEO copywriting the right way. Without making any fatal mistakes. So what SEO copywriting mistakes should you definitely avoid? I’ll

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How, exactly, does Google work?

How does Google work? What does Google actually do? For many of you this will be fairly old news. But for all the SEO newbies: let me explain (in easy to understand prose) what Google actually does. Understanding Google could really help you create an SEO strategy that works! No, we haven’t found the key

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